Took my car in four times and had to take it back four times.They are rude and very unprofessional The transmission went out and went out the next day again.They forgot to put the wheel well back in and the car locked up on the expressway took the car in for warranty and they tried to charge me 2oo dollars and would not work on the car contacted susuki and was told to go to another dealership 150 miles away Never buy a car from sam swope they have the worst service in the city very very unhappy

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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I can also say that sam swope do not honor there warranty. In the process of taking legal action against them f ing thieves


Well, your problem is not a surprise.My husband worked for Sam Swope in the 'buy here, pay here' department for over 4 years.

He would routinely come home and tell me how the Swopes were selling cars with really high mileage on them, then telling customers they'd had a 150 point inspection -- and how it was outright lies. Apparently, they had so many cars coming back, cars that caught on fire, cars that flipped because the brakes locked - oh, but they inspected them. Riiiiight. Apparently, the reason the cars weren't being inspected is because Patti Swope had the service department so busy with upsells from the oil changes (they were really pushing those) that they service department 'didn't have time' to do the inspections.

Yep. It's true. And the funny thing is that the Swopes have this site called SamSwopeCares. What a joke.

They ONLY care about getting your money and maintaining their reputation in the community - but they'll let you drive out the door with a car that has never been inspected.CorporateRacism(dot)com

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